Social and Environmental

Sustainability for the EJA is:

Social Responsibility

  • Training Programs and Continuous development of employees.
  • Appreciation of local culture, through sponsorship and social interest projects support.
  • Sanitation: construction of a sewage treatment plant (primary and secondary) and outfall to the Sahy area.
  • Entertainment: construction of a recreation area in the region of the venture to serve the Indian community.

Environmental Concern

  • Propose the establishment of performance indicators and monitoring and control mechanisms aimed at measuring and generating data on eco-efficiency inherent in the processes developed.
  • Implementation and maintenance of abatement plans and recovery of waste, and indicators and meters for energy efficiency, water and air quality.
  • Propose projects of Environmental Education.
  • Jurong and CEREIAS (Term of collaboration):
    Structural and operational support to the CEREIAS Project - Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife (agreement IBAMA/CONSERVE) to rescue, rehabilitation and reintroduction of wild animals.

Economic Growth and Cyclical well distributed

  • Create conditions for the Jurong Aracruz Shipyard express in its fullness the socioeconomic and environmental benefits designed for communities and municipalities of their surroundings, as well as for the economy of the Espirito Santo. Enabling and encouraging the training and utilization of manpower site.
  • Stimulate local development through a local supply chain development program.
  • Education: Viability of day care for the community.


Strengthen the partnership with civil society and its constituent, surrounding communities, government agencies and institutions directly related to the theme of sustainability.

Develop and disseminate internally with employees and contractors a strategic vision for the company, ensuring that the sustainability competences permeate the entire organization.

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