EJA authorized to receive larger Vessels

Qua, 13 de Novembro de 2019 14:55

Regulation update increases the size of vessels to be received at the shipyard.

Estaleiro Jurong Aracruz's new version of the Traffic and Stay of Vessels Regulations was ratified by the Captain of the Ports of Espírito Santo, Captain of sea and war Silvio Fernando Ferreira, on October 18.

The update will bring more agility in the dispatch process for berthing and unberthing of some vessels that previously depended on express approval of special maneuvers by the ES Port Authority.

The shipyard document update was based on the results obtained from maneuverability tests performed in the University of São Paulo (USP) Numerical Proof Tank simulator, which included the participation of the Brazilian Navy and the ES' Pilotage.

This Standards' new version major change is on the increase in maximum allowable dimensions for semi-submersible platforms, FPSOs, as well as drillships and similar. EJA is also now able to receive bulk and gas tankers of VALEMAX and QMAX classes and VLCC vessels.

The document further details the operational limits, mentioning specificity for each type of vessel authorized to dock at the shipyard. However, EJA still could receive vessels that exceed the current operational limits, provided that the ES Port Authority authorizes it as a special maneuver.

Traffic and Stay of Vessels Regulations are available for information at: www.jurong.com.br/normas-e-regulamentos


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