Health and Safety Policy

Our Health and Safety Policy Statement

The Company recognizes that people are its assets and fundamental to its success and in this respect declares as its corporate policy that it shall as far as practicable, provides a safe and healthy workplace for all persons and interested parties working under the control of the Company. The Company shall stirve for `0` incident in the workplace as the organization believes that all incidents are preventable and all exposures to risk at the workplace can be managed and controlled. The policy shall be appropriate to the nature and scale of the Company’s Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) risks. Top Management emphasises that each and every person must work together to achieve this objective so that it will be a better place to work.

In this connection Top Management shall undertake to:

1. Adopt a safety first policy at all times;
2. Provide adequate resources and management structure with effective 2-way communication between management and workers and/or contractors;
3. Ensure that the HSE Management System is properly documented, implemented and maintained;
4. Educate and instil health and safety consciousness in all employees, contractors, visitors, customers and other interested parties;
5. Ensure sound and safe working procedures to comply with applicable legal and other requirements to which the Company subscribes that relate to its WSH hazards;
6. Commit for the prevention of injury and ill health and continual improvement in HSE Management System and WSH Performance;
7. Ensure that the policy is made readily available to all persons working under the control of the Company and to interested parties;
8. Provide the framework for setting and reviewing WSH objectives;
9. Communicate to all persons working under the control of the Company with the intent that they are made aware of their individual WSH obligations;and
10. Review at least once a year to ensure that it remains sustainable, relevant and appropriate to the shipyard;

Health and Safety is everybody’s responsibility including from Top Management to worker’s level. As such, everyone must be committed to ensure that all employees perform their duties not only efficiently but also safely. Top Management must play an important role as a leader and lead by an example for others to follow.

The Company will undertake appropriate reviews, evaluations and measures to achieve continuous improvement on safety an health performance for the benefit of our employees, contractors and other interested parties.

Nº: 300.01.01.001 Rev.3

September 30 of 2021


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