Communication and Social Responsibility Policy

  • 1. To be a mechanism to integrate Sustainability, Communication and Social Responsibility within the company, in their relationships and in decision-making;
  • 2. Promote to stakeholders reliable mechanisms that allow free access to open and permanent communication channels;
  • 3. Know and comply with the Laws, Regulations, Policies and Procedures in the execution of activities and relationships;
  • 4. Develop and maintain a diverse workforce by creating a work environment where all employees are treated fairly and with respect;
  • 5. Ensure that practices such as child labor, forced labor, human trafficking or slavery are not present in the company's activities;
  • 6. Promote and maintain standards of safety, physical, mental and social welfare of employees and prevention of health hazards caused by working conditions;
  • 7. Participation of stakeholders in the processes of continuous improvement of risk and safety management systems;
  • 8. Comply with the legal requirements for conservation and environmental protection, as well as evaluate, avoid, reduce and mitigate the environmental risks and impacts arising from the EJA's activities;
  • 9. Create a positive impact on communities, acting as an agent of change and value creation;
  • 10. To promote the exercise of social control through the encouragement of entrepreneurship, participation, promotion of citizenship and social inclusion.

The Company is committed to provide the resources and support required in compliance with relevant rules, codes and conventions, and laws of Brazil governing marine vessels including those governing safety and environmental protection from the perspective of sustainability.


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