Anti-bribery Policy

Estaleiro Jurong Aracruz Ltda (EJA) is dedicated to ensuring that its products and services fully meet its business objectives and customer requirements, in relation to bribery the Company determines that:

  1. The employees or subcontracted must always keep the company's interests separate from their own, in order to avoid conflict of interest;
  2. Comply with national and international anti-corruption laws applicable to EJA;
  3. Update the policy and keep it relevant to our purpose;
  4. Provide resources to set up the system to achieve anti-bribery objectives;
  5. Commits to meet the requirements of the anti-bribery management system;;
  6. Any reported anti-bribery concerns will be investigated and treated. The complainant will not suffer any retaliation;
  7. Meet the requirements of the Anti-Bribery Management System and promote continuous improvement;
  8. The Compliance Department has complete independence and authority in accordance with the requirements of ISO 37001;
  9. Failure to comply with management system requirements will result in disciplinary action applicable by law.

In support of this policy, EJA's objective is;

  • Zero tolerance for bribery
  • Encourage the use of the Whistleblowing Channel
  • Promote integrity with business partners


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