Quality Management System


The Estaleiro Jurong Aracruz Ltda - EJA seeks to meet the most demanding international standards of the naval and offshore industry for quality, which, in the EJA, is part of the Quality Management System (QMS). By following such standards, the company is committed to customers, suppliers and employees to obtain ISO 9001 certification.

Quality Policy

The Company is dedicated to ensure that its products and services fully meet its business goals and customers’ requirements at all times. The vision of the Company is to be the premier global shipyard that offers a “One-Stop Total Service” in New-building, Conversion and Repair of Offshore Structures, Ships and Ancillary Marine Services to a Worldwide Clientele at Competitive Pricing with a high standard of Quality and Reliability.

In support of our vision, it is the objetive of the Company

  • 1. To provide quality services that meet our Customers’ Requirements, ISO 9001 Standard Requirements and applicable Statutory and Regulatory Requirements.
  • 2. We shall exercise our individual and Collective Responsibilites towards quality in all our activities; and
  • 3. We shall strive for Continuous Improvement.
  • The Company is committed to provide the resources and support required in compliance with relevant rules, codes and conventions, and laws of Brazil governing marine vessels including those governing safety and environmental protection.

    The Company shall undertake to ensure that the Quality Policy is successfully implemented, Quality Objetives are established, measurable, made available and effectively communicated to staff at all times in ensuring that they understand, and fully implement the Company´s Policies and achieve Quality Objetives through Quality Achievement.

    The Company shall review the Quality Policy and Objetives annually to ensure it remains sustainable, relevant and appropriate to the shipyard.


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