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The Sembcorp Marine (SCM) Singapore is a leader, for over 40 years, in the oil exploration, expands with merit the performance at the offshore technology market, not only in your country, but around the globe.

With its consolidated image in the projects and the construction of merchant ships of various types, the company does business in 147 cities throughout 42 countries. Only in Singapore, the SCM has five yards of high technology, whose construction was based on the use of the most modern concepts of marine structures.

The Jurong Shipyard, its subsidiary in Brazil for 14 years, have also consolidated projects in the market. More than 1,500 completed projects, such as bulk storage terminals, liquid logistics for the chemical industry, shipbuilding, marine infrastructure, industrial parks and storage tanks. Added to this, some 35 major projects in progress in order to meet the growing demand for logistics services for the construction of vessels employed in support services at sea.

Jurong Shipyard's production does not stop here. Responsible for more than 50% of Brazilian oil production platforms, Jurong Shipyard has built 11 oil platforms, among them the P50 (a landmark of Brazilian sustainable self-sufficiency in oil production), P54, P43, P37, P40, P38. It also has built four modern probes chartered to Petrobras indirectly, among them West Sirius and West Taurus.

In Espírito Santo, Jurong Aracruz Shipyard will take the same technological standards of Jurong Shipyard building ships for the probes using oil exploration expertise and advanced technology for offshore activities, including repairs and conversions.


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